A Free Online sewing class for beginners is available at Ginani eSchool. We have provided online fashion training courses to enable our student learn fast, effectively and easily from home. 

Learning to sew is very rewarding. Its pure joy to see yourself developing the skills to produce beautiful clothes for yourself and others. To even make it better, why not earn money by doing something you enjoy doing?

Our courses are structured to help you learn in the right way. Learning the right way is very important. Our courses follow the same syllabus we have been using to train successfully for years.

Following the course structure you will build a repertoire of skills that will make you a successful fashion designer.

We always start our sewing classes with machine control. This amazing technique help sewers to reduce the time it would normally take to develop skill in using the machine. The purpose of the training is to build in skill and precision in using the machine in short daily practice exercises. The difference between a tailor trained using machine control and one trained without is is so much. Do these exercises for 45 minutes 3 days a week for 6 months. You will have built in the expertise you would have needed 3 years to acquire.

Our measurement taking course is essential. You need measurement skill for pattern making. For your patterns to fit you need accurate measurements. The pattern depends on the accuracy of the system and measurements for a good fit. Any time you are producing an out fit you should start with a perfectly fitting pattern. This is where your measurements can save the day. Start your measurement taking class.

Understand the measurement system used for measurement taking. This will make it easy to work with it. We are using the imperial system for training. Our students understand how to use that system and how to convert to the metric system. This is important because the metric system is widely used. What do I mean by imperial system? When you go to the market to buy fabrics in Nigeria the seller sells to you in yards. When the tailor measures you he/she measures in inches. That is the imperial system.

Get friendly with shapes and numbers in preparation for the pattern making class by taking our simple pattern course. Pattern making is using numbers to create shapes. If you don’t want your customers asking you if you did not take their measurements befriend pattern making today. Start small with the simple pattern class.

Start learning today.