The secret of a good fitting garment ispattern making.

An understanding of patternmaking will help you to create perfectly fitting clothes.

We have an excellent pattern making system. In Pattern Basics we introduce the fundamental skills for pattern making such as using measurement systems, measuring and using those measurements to create simple shapes.

In Garment Production and Design stage 1 we cover pattern making for the basic blocks.

These basic blocks control the structure of the garment. Successful designers invest in perfect blocks.

The blocks covered in GPD 1 are the Bodice, Skirt, Trouser, Sleeve and Collar.

Once you have mastered these blocks, you will learn to combine and style them to create your beautiful designs.

Garment Production and Design stage 2 covers styling techniques. These are the techniques used to create designs. Once you master them you will be able to create beautiful designs. If you can think it you can create it.

There is really no limit to what you can create.

The focus of every fashion designer is really just to make clothes. If you follow our carefully laid out system of learning you will not only make beautiful clothes, you will also be famous for your excellent fitting clothes.

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Garment Production & Design Stage 2

Pattern design technidques

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Garment Production & Design Stage 1

Garment production & design stage 1 is our foundation course. This is where you get the skills to produce the beautiful clothes you dream of.

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Pattern Making Basics

This section covers measurement taking and simple pattern construction. This sets the stage for efficient pattern making.

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