Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Online school for?

The online platform was created to reach as many people as possible and empower them with our garment production and design system, regardless of location.

Where do I start?

We recommend you start at with the sewing courses, then GPD I and GPD II. The courses are arranged in this order.

What do I need to learn?

The skills you need to produce clothes are Cutting, Sewing, Pattern making and design.

I already have some training.

Great! Have a look at the courses and see where you'd like to start.

Is it guaranteed that I will learn all I need?

The qualities you need to have when using this platform are discipline, passion and self-motivation. With a proper timing schedule, you can learn everything you need to in a month!

What if I want to ask questions?

Create a post on our forums. You can send a message to any of the site admins as well. Our email is so you can send an email too. Whatsapp (07088596249).

Can I start immediately?

Yes! You can start as soon as you make your course fee payment.