The goal of the program is to be able to design, sew and cut perfectly fitting clothes. Follow the courses in this order to achieve the potential of this course.


Garment Production & Design 1

-Sewing, Cutting & Pattern Making

Master Garment production techniques: Cutting, Sewing & Pattern Making. It starts with simple measurements for a good fit. Using our effective pattern making system, you will be able to create beautiful clothes for yourself and others in no time.

Basic Sewing

Sewing Class

Simple Patterns

Understanding Measurements

Measurement Taking

Create The Basic Pattern Blocks:

These basic blocks are the foundation patterns for the clothes you want to make. They control the fit and structure of clothing. A good fashion designer should have a well made set of basic blocks to create designs from.

The knowledge of basic block creation gives you an edge. It reduces your production time and makes you effective as a garment producer.

Patiently follow the course structure to achieve the goal of the course.

Repeat steps to achieve perfection. Repetition is the key to skill building. The more you repeat the higher your skill level.

Garment Production & Design 2

-Pattern Design Techniques

These courses cover pattern design techniques. These techniques are used to create designs. After mastering these techniques you will be able to follow trends and create your own designs. When you master these techniques you can be as creative as you like. You are not limited in designing and  you unique perspective is captured in your designs.

With pattern design techniques you can turn your bodice pattern into a hundred unique styles. You can also apply the techniques to skirts, trousers even to sleeves and collars.

Design Analysis

Dart Manipulation


Use of fullness


Garment Production& Design 3


In this stage, you will be creating several projects using the skills you gained in the previous two stages.

You will create a perfectly fitting pattern. You can determine the silhouette of your pattern. You can choose which silhouette would best suit you.

With your basic pattern ready you will create:



Off shoulder

Built up neck line

Halter neck

Cowl Neck


After creating this selection of designs, you will find it relatively easy to create other designs. You are set to take on the fashion world.