The goal of the program is to be able to design great looking and perfectly fitting clothes. Follow the courses in this order to achieve the potential of this course.

Beginner’s Class

Start with the Beginner Class. Statements like these limit you: “I already know!” “I am not a beginner!” Complete all beginner classes. It’s to your advantage to do so. It would serve as a revision if you already know the topics. You may also discover useful information that will serve you.

Sewing is a skill developed from practice. Your skill level will depend on how much deliberate practice you have invested in your learning. Gain control of your sewing machine and develop high-level sewing skills through the machine control practice. This way you will be able to sew accurately and neatly.

Learn as many sewing techniques as possible and build skills before applying them to your projects. this will allow you to sew high-quality garments in minimum time.

Understand measurement systems and how to take accurate measurements. You will use the measurements you take to create patterns for your clothing. The right use of the system will ensure that the clothes fit perfectly.

Learn and practice the sewing techniques that you will apply to garments in the sewing class. You should repeat each skill several times to perfect it. When you apply a technique you have mastered to a garment, you enhance its value. A poorly developed technique will reduce the quality of your project.

Pattern Making

When we learned to take measurements of the body in the measurements class, we took exact measurements. This is so we can create body blocks – basic patterns or slopers. We are not measuring for style. Style comes later. We want to have a replica of the body as a foundation for styling. If we take accurate and exact measurements using the measurement system and create the basic patterns following the pattern making system, we would create a basic block that contains the fit for that individual or size. Any style or design created from these blocks would inherit the fit. You would not have to be fitting and adjusting for fit at a later stage. The fit was taken care of in the measurement taking and basic pattern.

We would create 5 basic blocks in this class: Bodice, Skirt, trouser, sleeve, and collar. The basic blocks are the foundation patterns for the clothes you want to make. They control the fit and structure of clothing. A good fashion designer should have a well-made set of basic blocks to create designs from.

The knowledge of basic block creation gives you an edge. It reduces your production time and makes you effective as a garment producer.

Patiently follow the course structure to achieve the goal of the course.

Repeat steps to achieve perfection. Repetition is the key to skill building. The more you repeat the higher your skill level.

The Basic Blocks






Pattern Design Techniques

Pattern Design techniques are used to manipulate the basic patterns. This is the way to create your beautiful designs.   When you master these techniques, you can be as creative as you like. You will not limited as a designer and your unique perspective is captured in your designs.

With pattern design techniques you can turn your bodice pattern into a hundred unique styles. You can also apply these techniques to skirts, trousers, sleeves, and collars.


With what you learned in this course, you can use your machine effectively, and take accurate measurements. You are armed with a plethora of sewing techniques and you have created the 5  basic patterns. You can now apply design techniques to your basic patterns to manipulate them into your preferred design.

Practice creating these projects listed here. With the practice you gain in creating them you will find it relatively easy to create other designs. Now you are set to take on the fashion world!

Master these design techniques:

          Halter neck



Off shoulder

Built up neck line

Cowl Neck

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