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Course Plan

Its advisable to follow the pattern classes in the order we have arranged to get the maximum benefit from the course.

Start your Basic sewing class where you will master the use of the machine. After your machine control classes, you will build skill in your basic stitching and zipper insertion.


Practice machine control exercises in order to develop your sewing skills in the shortest possible time. It will also give you the exactness and speed you need to produce high quality well finished clothes. 

Recommendation: 30 minutes of machine control exercises every day .

Practice Sewing Now

Master measurement units and the creation of simple patterns in Pattern Making Basics

Check out our measurement taking system. The fit of the garment is built in. If you practice taking accurate measurements, your clothes will have  a beautiful fit. 

Move to the Sewing Class and learn more sewing techniques such as the invisible zipper and the ease and gathers technique. You will be using them often.Now you are ready to cut and sew a garment by yourself.

Move to Pattern Making classes and learn to create your own patterns

In the skirt pattern making class create a basic skirt block and use it to create other skirt styles. Create flared skirts.

Create your own perfectly fitting bodice blocks.

Create your trouser patterns.


Create 3 outfits from what you have learned. Post pictures in the forum

Cover the courses taught in Garment Production and Design Stage 2. This is where you master the techniques top designers use to create their lovely designs.

Use these techniques to manipulate the pattern blocks you have created in the first section. 

You can now cut to fit like a pro. You have mastered the styling techniques and you are full of creative ideas. Try your hand out by creating the projects in this course. 

Remember to post in the forum as you produce your designs.

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