It’s everyone’s dream to make money from home but most people don’t know how to get there especially as a fashion designer. Most people think that you have to be physically available but with my 15+ years of experience in the fashion industry, I know that there are a lot of ways to make passive income with multiple income streams as a fashion designer.

It’s easy to make that stable income month after month without breaking a sweat. Let me put it simply, fashion is one of the easiest fields to make passive income. So how do you do that? This blog post will show you the simple steps to building your fashion business online while making money.

Build your social media platform

Luckily, our online school is so convenient for all our students.

You can focus on building your business while learning how to become a fashion designer. There are so many tools and resources for you to train yourself and you can replicate that and have a story to tell on social media.

People love to follow others on their journey and you can use social media to establish that connection with your audience. A simple post with your first dress would do the trick. Obviously, as you get better, the quality of your photos have to get better. Try taking pictures with different filters.

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Once you do that, you’ll have a bigger chance of brands paying you to advertise their products or celebrities willing to wear your clothes. But to make money and get the exposure you need the best strategies on social media, you have to be able to engage your audience. You can read my blog post, actionable videos on how to be more amazing at social media here.

Being at home means that you have the time to get to your best self.

Don’t let that opportunity pass you by!

Start a blog

Yes I said it! A blog is your space, your time to shine and not just be among the crowd. Blog about fashion topics like; styling advise, clothes, accessories, etc. You can even make your blog a critique site. God gave you those beautiful skills of noticing amazing styles for a reason so use it! When you have a blog, you have a chance to monetize it. That means that when people click on an ad on your website, you get paid!

You literally get paid to do what you love doing. And when you have a blog, you have a chance to grow an audience.

Don’t forget to let them know when you have an important event or when you have a new blog post so that they can support your work.

Start a YouTube channel

Fancy being in front of a camera? This is your time to shine and show the world what makes you special. The more subscribers you have, the more likely you are to get bigger brand deals and the more clicks you have on your ads, the more money you get from monetization. So you don’t just get brand deals, you also get money from ad clicks! Want to share your opinion on what celebrities are wearing? Or do you want to give styling tips to your audience? YouTube is the best place for you to do that.

Become a stylist

Now this is probably one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make money as a fashion designer. And most people don’t even know about it. As a stylist, you design a collection for a company or another designer and then get paid for your idea. You get paid to show others your designs! Our sketching classes are the best ways to perfect your abilities.

Once you learn how to illustrate a design right and draw a human body, there’s no stopping you. You’re on your way to making income you desire.

Stylists charge any amount from ₦10,000 per style. A collection has at least 10 clothes. Do the calculations.

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Design a pattern collection

This is similar to being a stylist and is also another lucrative business. If you are the type of person that rocks at constructing a pattern, this is for you.

You get an order, you create the patterns and deliver it to the person. The minimum rate for a pattern collection is ₦220,000. To do this, make sure you perfect your skills. You can join the eschool to get started on that.

Start an online store

The best thing about working from home is that you don’t have much expenses but you have the opportunity to make a lot of profit. With that, you can set up a workspace for yourself, get a sewing machine and all the tools you need to get started! There have been people who were able to pull in millions a month by working from home and delivering clothes to their customers. It’s simple, you set up your website, create a bunch of clothes to show, get some models to wear the clothes, take pictures of the clothes, put them online, advertise it through social media and get the money rolling in.

To start, you have to understand pricing. Our online school offers courses on how to properly grow your business as well as understanding how to price your clothes.

By now, I’m sure that you can’t wait to start working from home. But before you do that, you need tips and tricks on how to grow your business remotely. Why not subscribe to my blog to keep in touch with the latest business strategies?

Having had years of remote working experience with fashion industries all around the world, I’ve helped many businesses grow through business strategies and looking after the areas the owners can’t like social media management, marketing and administration.

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