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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Crystal Plan?2023-11-11T01:16:56+01:00

The Crystal plan includes a limited number of courses that are available to all our users. It includes free lessons. You need to have an account to use the Crystal plan.

How Do I Start?2023-11-11T01:43:28+01:00

To start learning, create an account. With that account you can access the beginner’s class which is free.

Select a plan: A paid plan will give you access to the full course package. You will have access for the duration of your plan.

To structure your learning, follow the learning plan.

What Plan Do You Recommend?2023-11-11T01:39:59+01:00

The eSchool Training Packages are designed to give you access to our training courses. The training covers basic skills and takes you to professional level training. The difference between the plans is access.

The crystal plan gives you access to the free courses. This is for people who cannot afford a paid package right away.

The paid packages (Silver, Ruby, Diamond & Platinum) give you access to all the courses. The difference is the duration for which you have access.

A long duration is advisable to allow for reasonable amount of time for the development of skill. This is because skill is acquired through repetition. Thus, longer access to the platform allows you to learn and repeat topics in order to master them.

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