Pattern Making Basics

This section covers measurement taking and simple pattern construction. This sets the stage for efficient pattern making.

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Gathers on Fabric

Beginner Sewing Course

Essential machine skills

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Choose Plan

Garment Production & Design Stage 1

Garment production & design stage 1 is our foundation course. This is where you get the skills to produce the beautiful clothes you dream of.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I'm able to take care of my family with my income. I am into corporate wears and it's all because of the online training. Ginani encourage me and told me I was gifted and that helped me overcome my challenges. Ginani kept up to date with my work and I am so happy I was able to be part of this amazing Academy. So if anyone needs corporate wears, I am a professional at it now! Thank you Ginani for making me an expert!!
Lagos, Nigeria
I can honestly say Ginani Fashion School was a good choice for me. Learning is one thing but having a guide through basic in-depth knowledge about said skills is another. Ginani is the latter. The school excels in living its values.