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by Ibukun Dawodu - Friday, 6 January 2017, 9:14 PM
Anyone in the world

Don't get confused. GPD 2 is basically what you see on the runway and say wow! I wan't to be a fashion designer. This moves you through the steps that makes you, you know, a designer. Essentially, what makes you special.

Pattern designing

This gives you the techniques that you may need to style an outfit. And of course you can't just style a dress without first styling your pattern. A designer needs to be able to look at the pattern before the cloth is made and say 'i need to do this and not this', instead of wasting your precious time, money and energy on trowing expensive fabrics away and making another costume before the runway show.

Pattern grading

I know you're thinking, what will happen if someone sees my clothes and wants to buy it? Would i have to sell the one cloth i spend hours sweating for? Well no, if you don't want to. Ginani allows the designers to be able to make clothes for a mass number of people without any waste of time. This is what grading is for. Grading is a master technique that allows the designer to make thousands of clothing for thousands of people at the same time.

Fashion design

I'm sure after telling you the secrets to mass production you're asking yourself, what else do i need? Well fellow mates, you need to understand who you are selling to. You may be thinking, well i studied marketing in college. When you are selling to potential buyers in any given country you need to know what to design for them.

Pattern manipulation

This turns your basic block into a really complicated and sophisticated design making you a fashion god and completely copy proof.


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