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How to study using the eSchool Platform

Start your training by registering for a plan. There are various plans. These plans give you access to the platform and the course content. Select A Training plan Course Plan Its advisable to follow the pattern classes in the order we have arranged to get the maximum benefit from the course.Start your Basic sewing class where you will master the use of the machine. After your machine control classes, you will build skill in your basic stitching and zipper insertion. Go To Basic Sewing Class Practice: [...]

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Our Student Busayo Taiwo at Fashion Week Nigeria

Busayo  Taiwo was recently a Ginani Fashion eSchool student.  She in 2016, after her training , she was selected out of many to take part in the African Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN).  According to  Busayo "I am so glad I took the course with GINANI!  It unlocked what I have in side of me. "  True!  We can't give you talent but if you have it we can give you the tools to express your unique creative abilities. Here are some of Busayo's presentations at [...]

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How to make money while working from home as a Fashion Designer

It’s everyone’s dream to make money from home but most people don’t know how to get there especially as a fashion designer. Most people think that you have to be physically available but with my 15+ years of experience in the fashion industry, I know that there are a lot of ways to make passive income with multiple income streams as a fashion designer. It’s easy to make that stable income month after month without breaking a sweat. Let me put it simply, fashion is [...]

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