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Independence discount!!!
by Ibukun Dawodu - Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 9:01 PM

To celebrate Nigeria's Independence, the online platform is offering a 31% discount for the whole of October! So save up and get ready because this is starting from the 1st of October to the 31st of october.


Ps: Don't stress out about payments here because we have partnered with PAYSTACK, the online payment solution. See our payment page 

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"Your School is great"! - Vidale Flore (eSchool Student, Nnewi)
by eSchool Administrator - Friday, 22 September 2017, 3:32 PM

I had a chat with Vidale recently. I had not heard from her for a while.  She sent me this picture of her work:

I was pleasantly surprised by this conversation on Facebook messenger.

I do now remember saying she was gifted. She sent in her assignments like clockwork. I was pleased. It rare to meet people who are so self-motivated. With that you can't fail. 

This is Vidal. She is wearing something she made herself.

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How To Study Using The eSchool Platform
by eSchool Administrator - Tuesday, 11 October 2016, 7:55 PM

GPD 1 Course registration details

Start with your Basic sewing clases where you will master the use of the machine. After your machine control classes, you will build skill in your basic stitching and zipper insertion.

Master measurement units, measurement taking and the creation of simple patterns...

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Ginani eStore
by eSchool Administrator - Tuesday, 11 October 2016, 10:46 AM

Learning goes well with books. With our book prices as low as N2,800 you can fully understand pattern making, sewing and design. Wishing you well students!

Our pattern design ebook

Learn more about bodice pattern making.

Our bodice pattern making book

You can get all this at